Monday, December 3, 2012

Women and Advertisements

My topic for the semester project is advertising and it’s effects on women. I wanted to illustrate the power that these advertisements have on women in this society. Advertising is what supports the media industry and is essentially everywhere around us. Everywhere we go we are flooded with messages and images. However, some these advertisements also have negative effects on people, especially women. I chose this topic because as a woman who consumes myself with media, I see these advertisements and they influence me whether I notice or not. My audience for this project is not only for women but to men as well, so that when men view these advertisements that illustrate negative connotations of women, they will see how wrong it is. I created a little zine to illustrate my point on this topic. But first I would like to show the class a video of Dove's "Evolution of Beauty", campaign ad which was an overnight viral sensation when more than a million people watched a time-elapsed video of a model being made beautiful on YouTube. 

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