Monday, December 3, 2012

Body Image and The Media

Body Image and Analyzed Media

Inspired by the youtube series, "Tales of the Mere Existence", in this video, I make a summary of my analysis of the media and body image in young women.

Body Image and The Media.

The media's unrealistic ideals of perfection are everywhere. We can be shopping at a mall, waiting in line at a grocery store, watching TV, going to a movie, or even driving, when we are presented with pictures of thin, fit and beautiful models and celebrities flaunting their physical "perfection". This unrealistic portrayal of perfection lowers a woman's self-esteem and body image. Due to personal experience, I understand the immense power of the media and how it can used to define the standards of a woman's beauty, and this erroneous portrayal may be causing many women to develop many psychological problems such as eating disorders and depression.

Isabelle Caro Vh1 Interview with Jessica Simpson
 (Worth Watching)

Body Image and The Media- Text

My analysis of the negative effects of the media in young women's body image.

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