Monday, December 3, 2012

My Final Project: "Applications"

          I have had the luxury of having my final project also be a highly anticipated personal project. It is a short film/mock-PSA that revolves around the subject of technology bombardment and media manipulation. I, for a while, had the idea in mind but for some reason was never able to execute it. Finally, the 'Convergence Culture' course served as the necessary incentive for me to follow through with it. The piece is entitled Applications.
          I set up a simple, artificial world for the film; a vision that was inspired primarily by a viral promotional video created just before the release of the feature film Prometheus (by its makers). I was really driven by the idea of creating emotion-less characters, in an emotion-filled world. There are about fifteen characters in Applications. Each one of them looks directly into the eyes of the audience, and expresses their insight on how and why "applications" are changing us for the better. They insist on convincing the world that it is a great thing that we are progressively becoming more and more controlled; that we are bombarded with technology and may become fully thought-less, artificial individuals with little to no personalities. They all smile. They all wear dark clothing. They all speak as if they have been trained to do so. There is only one character who appears to have thoughtful insight on the subject matter, and who has maintained an actual personality: me. I play the "hero" of the piece, which was actually an idea suggested by our professor. I wear white to contrast with the others, I look around, blink, have a tattoo on my left bicep, scratch my head, and other things that we, as humans, do naturally. The question is, how long will I stay that way before I inevitably become like everyone else?

Canon EOS Rebel T2i, a 50mm 1.4 EF lens, a rhode mic w/ the Zoom H4n audio recorder. 
Bradley Hall Theater, Rutgers-Newark, NJ. 
Rodney Reyes, Dan Ovalle, Antonio Araujo, Benjy-Jean Baptiste, Dominique A. Noguera, Sindy Sanchez, Steven Albano, Diana Kenyandian, Darian A. Capellan, Eric Campos, Alexander Nunes, Bryan Hamilton, Nikki Brown, & Rudy Mancuso.

Written, directed, shot, and edited by Rudy Mancuso.


Rudy Mancuso Productions ©2012 


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