Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Final Project: How to Youtube

...aka "How to Pretend You're Not a Dummy: For Dummies!"

          Initially, I was intent on doing a piece about Tyler Clementi to explore the aftermath of such an event on our very own Rutgers campus. Quickly, as my plans were beginning to fall through, I realized that the main source for my resources was Youtube.

          It struck me that Youtube has become the go-to site, where questions of all kinds are answered, and tutorials of all types can be found.

          And so, I decided to create a video that would reveal every facet of Youtube - it's history, it's success, it's popularity, it's appeal, and the various types of content it offers.

          Though I consider this primarily a research video, I couldn't help but make some fun.

          Click here to watch my video. I hope you enjoy!

          p.s.: This took me way over 100 hours to complete.

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