Monday, December 3, 2012

Post 4 - The Future is Already Here

Convergence culture today is very advanced for its time. Social media grew extremely fast in the past decade going from something unknown and barely used to this huge tool for information. At this very moment millions of users are connected through Facebook or Twitter, constantly sending information out to one another. Going into the New Year, we can get the idea of where we are headed as far as the future of convergence media goes. Today we see social media, blog sites, and YouTube play a big role in the way media works and functions, and how they are used almost every day for information.

The future of convergence really depends heavily on the future of technology. Today convergence media such as Facebook and Twitter became popular so easily because the technology allows it to be so easily accessible. Had the two tried to gain notoriety a decade ago, they would have failed horribly because technology would have been primitive compared to the technology today. A decade ago, I didn't have a cell phone that would have allowed me to Tweet and update my Facebook status at once; actually a decade ago I didn't even have a cell phone.

Along with advances in technology, the need and want for ease of access also fuels convergence media, for example, the Google Glasses.

Google Glasses
These glasses give the user access to the internet in front of their very eyes. There is no pulling out a cell phone or tablet; there is only a world of media in front of you. Google created this, not only because they could, but also because they wanted to make the next big thing. Once these Google Glasses get perfected, cell phones will be virtually old tech compared to them. It also panders to the ease of access notion that almost all human beings in today's world have. No one can argue that they want, even with their cool new phones and tablets, to be able to do things faster and easier. With the New Year upon us, the need and want to do things easily will catch up and if we want something, technology will deliver it.

Cell Phone Concept
The above image shows a concept idea for a cell phone. As you can see, people are no longer thinking to make things smaller. People want bigger phones like the 5.5" Samsung Galaxy Note 2 because they can use it for more than just making calls and sending texts. Why lug around a laptop, tablet, and cell phone when you can do it all on one machine? This idea touches up on the ease of access notion. The lazier people become the more technology will advance itself to make things easier for them.

As far as the future of convergence media goes, there seems to be no end in sight as far as the American people are concerned. Other countries that are being oppressed might not see the same advance in social media and technology as we do.  As an American I am grateful that I live in a world where I can communicate with such a large population in such a short amount of time. A decade ago when my voice would not have been heard by anyone, can now be heard by millions. Walking towards the future, convergence media is going to practically take over and become as big a driving force as the radio and television were in they heyday.

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