Monday, December 3, 2012

Urban Transmedia Storytelling

Facebook has over 500 million active daily users and over 80% are outside the US and Canada. The Twitterverse population is over 600 million. Mark Zuckerberg announced last month that Instagram surpassed 100 million users at some point late this summer. A February 2012 article reported that Pinterest had already eclipsed the 10 million users a month number in just its second year of existence.  Foursquare eclipsed the 10 million mark also in June of 2011 just a year and a half after launching.
I want to bridge the gap between those numbers and grow the online presence of the Jersey City Independent by using social media sites to tell the transmedia story of Jersey City.
As sites like Pinterest and Foursquare continue their early growth, the Independent has a golden opportunity to grow along with them. Jersey City has a population of roughly 250 thousand. The Independent began 2012 with just under 18 thousand unique visits per month.  The Jersey City Independent has just over 3,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter each and zero presence on Foursquare, Pinterest and Instagram . With a concerted effort there is potential for 500% growth of the Jersey City Independent’s online presence.
The Independent didn’t have the national headline grabbing story of Superstorm Sandy while our neighbors to the north in Hoboken had Anderson Cooper standing in flood waters.  The storm  did help the website though. The most recent FB and Twitter numbers reflected a surge in traffic. In the month after the storm the site had 38,809 unique visitors. Those are all potential readers and social media followers. 

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