Monday, December 3, 2012

Here Comes the Future

It becomes truly interesting to analyze the history of convergence overall, and even more interesting to anticipate where it will go. Rapid advances in technology have allowed for some outstanding results; in the past decade itself, mediums such as film and video, as well as social media outlets like networking sites and applications, have progressed more so than in the past century. The growth, popularity, and user-consumer response has grown exponentially. The question to consider now is, how much further could it possible go?

The only evident answer is: a lot. As a society, it is important for us to remember that it is all relative. It is an inevitable, humanistic urge of members of any given society from any given time period, to wonder what kind of innovations the future holds. It seems as though our positive premonitions are often hit-or-miss. For example: It wasn't long ago when most of us believed that flying cars would be quite prominent by this time. Not only has it not happened, but professionals in the field claim that it is simply not possible to execute anytime soon. Similarly, a successful filmmaker and public speaker named Jerry Tartaglia stated in 2008 that, "Eventually, we'll see the three-dimensional cinema, maybe not in the next 10 years". This serves as a perfect example of technological advancements' surprises. 3-D cinema was quick to become prominent, and has shaped the world of feature-film production and entertainment.

It is difficult to discuss the future of media convergence without touching upon the world of interactive video games. Whereas a negative reputation of "gaming" exists, innovative organizations and bright individuals have put the medium to beneficial use. There is a strong belief that societies can be changed for the better, using gaming as a technique. If this idea continues to be adopted by individuals all over the world, societies may undergo a dramatic improvement.

Like the idea of using gaming to improve the future of the world, there are many brilliant, innovative ideas that use media, modern technology, and convergence for good. With recourses so powerful, that continue to grow exponentially, so much can be achieved. it just has to be used for the right reasons which, unfortunately, is not always the case. Personally, I am prepared for advancements and the new age of convergence to come. I do, however, hope to achieve greatness without being bombarded and suffocated by what lies ahead. I feel as though we currently live in a world that bombards us with technology, images, and information. In this day and age, I feel that I am forced to keep up with everything that is thrown my way; there is a sense of fear that I believe exists within our generation today. This sense of fear derives from the idea of being left behind in a world that includes an abundance of innovative work and information.

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