Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Final Project - I,Pirate

For the past several years, Internet piracy has become a staple argument for many in the entertainment business and those people of power in the government. The very term, piracy, bears the notion of highly illegal activity. Those caught pirating or endorsing piracy are jailed 20+ years in prison and fined immense amounts to cover the losses for whatever was being pirated. Yet even with the high risks involved people still find the need to pirate online, whether it's music or software. So the question remains, with all the risk involved, why would someone go out of his or her way to pirate anything? What drives people to pirate music, movies, and software?
Through my video I document in an attempted humorous manner my own personal reasons on pirating and why I feel my reasons for doing so are also the reasons of many. I was personally drawn to piracy because of my own economic status growing up; I didn’t have money to buy what I wanted so I pirate it. What started off as something harmless and justified became an addiction that is still to this day very hard to give up. The following pseudo-trailer video offers a glimpse of what I talk about in the larger three part video on the subject of piracy.

I, Pirate   :D – Matchstick Picture Films ©2012


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