Tuesday, December 4, 2012

In the Limelight: Professing Jay-Z

"She call me professor, Say daddy come and test her/So she can fail on purpose and repeat the semester"

I present my own-

Case Study: Decoding Jay-z in Multimedia Representing two different images

1) The Business Man

2) The Infamous Rapper

(How to succeed in multimedia convergence  with multiple successful image portrayals to serve all audiences) 

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 Duel Topic Meanings:
• Reasonable Doubt: Determining Supply and Demand in the Crack and Men's Apparel Markets
• Squashing the Beef, Beating the Haters, and Dominating the Game
• Roc Boys: How Hip-Hop Redefined Applied Geology
• Cashmere Thoughts: The Semiotics of Luxury-Brand References in Contemporary Hip-Hop
• Comparative Politics: Rap Game/Crack Game
• 40 Is the New 20: Making Mathematics Work For You
• 99 Problems But an Algorithm to Determine Whether a Multivariate Polynomial Equation With Integer Coefficients Has a Solution Ain't One
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