Tuesday, December 4, 2012

News and Media

My project consists of information to inform you on  how social networking has taken its impact on today's generation.  It is to the point where there is almost no need to turn to a television station or pick up a newspaper in order to know what's going on.  Facebook does it all for you.  It enables you access to the information you otherwise would not have attained by yourself.  Why is this important? Because we need to understand this impact in order to keep it going down the wrong direction.  Yes, it is good that we have easy access to an important, but it isn't good that we do not get the full details and knowledge behind that story.  It also is not good that we do not check our facts in order to make sure the story we believe to be true is actually true.  We need to better educate ourselves in order to have a properous future.


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