Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Semester Project: The Adult Gamer

I created a video game blog where people could go to get information on their favorite video games. There are links to sites where you can  watch video game reviews or even purchase them. I added links to Google news, Apple, and Microsoft news. I plan on making daily post's on the blog and intend to do future video game reviews as they are released. With every post I submit, I share on Google +, and Facebook. I intend to generate revenue and turn my blog into a well known website. A few minutes after creating the blog I had already received over 50 page views. People who play video games possess  a desire to learn about the latest video games. People have been considered hardcore gamers and even casual gamers. My intentions are to bring video game news from around the globe and place it where its easily accessible all on one page. I intend for my blog to be a place where people can read my post's and comment  by giving their own opinions and feedback. Any platform that is capable of delivering an awesome gaming experience will be covered from HD Consoles to Mobile gaming like iOS and Android. The Adult Gamer is a place where guys and girls can go to get info about their favorite games.


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