Monday, December 3, 2012

Convergence-Black Representation in Hollywood!

Convergence Presentation

Black Representation in Hollywood!!!

Summary of Convergence Project:
How can we be inclusive, when there is ongoing Exclusion!

   In recent years , Hollywood has become more favorable to black actors in order to make a buck, but their presesence in starring and supporting roles are not lucrative , according to those who check the stats, "Association of Motion Pictures and Television Producers."
   This project is important to me because it makes the public aware of the fact that in Hollywood, there are not a lot of films that have all black actors cast. Therefore, they stand out more even when they flop!  Some audiences think that Hollywood has changed its face because of directors like Tyler Perry and Spike Lee, who casts black films, eventhough they've been criticized  for the way the portray blacks by the black and white communities alike. 
   The success of black directors seem to suggest that racial devisiveness in Hollywood had come to an end, or has it? Well, I would argue that just because Hollywood has bridged some form of black reprsentation in movies to television, does not mean that there is a less bias Hollywood, more than electing a black president will solve all of the racial problems in America of the past! Blacks should not have to play degrading or stereotypical roles in order to gain respect in recognition in Hollywood.

   The bottom line here is Hollywood has a responsibility to tell the whole story of black life, community and not by exploited demeaning images in fims they believe will sell!!!


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