Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Semester Project

Female Stereotypes in Disney

Who loves Disney? I do.

I did a research project on female stereotypes in Disney films. It is one of the major leading animation industries that has been loved by the society for a long time. But it raises different social issues such as racism, sexism, female/male stereotypes, and globalization. But I decided to focus on female stereotypes because young girls are heavily influenced on Disney princesses. People like Carrie Hope Fletcher and Peggy Orenstein persuade how much Disney animated films have affected their lives. Nonetheless, Disney films are changing positively. Their female stereotypes has changed to new, modern female characters.

Although it is changing positively, Disney is aiming for these young children who are easily accepted to shape their beliefs. Therefore, parents have their duty to monitor the messages that children, who are innocent and have no skepticism, are receiving from Disney films.


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