Monday, September 10, 2012

A different case.

A week ago, my cousin came to visit from United Kingdom. The first thing she wanted to try was the frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity in New York. Most people are familiar with this restaurant from the movie Serendipity. Thats a media influence.

Hello fellow classmates. I would like to introduce myself as Marionne Fernandez. After reading many of your mini posts, I think it is safe for me to say that I am a rather different case.  This course is not a requirement for my gateway exit from Rutgers University, but an interesting elective that has played an essential part of my life. As an intended social work major, the best assumption you can get from me is that I have the desire to help people who are in need. That statement is very well true. But, I have also found my love in creativity in the arts and media. I think, what better way to send the message of helping others than to use your imagination, creativity, and put it together in media form that speaks out loud! For example, some of you may have seen the video of Kony 2012 that a young lad had put together in video, which sent out a very powerful message and have caught the attention of millions worldwide. Despite the controversial opinions and facts on the case, the video was very well done and the message was remarkable for in return, hundreds were willing to take action!

For those who haven't watched the message of KONY 2012 and the Invisible Children: 
PLEASE NOTE: Updated news on Kony 2012 have been released. The case is very controversial and this does not reflect my opinion on the case.

Although my major is not in the media field, I had experience in several areas such as video editing, graphic design, journalism, and dance. My imagination speaks to me. I love to express myself in many ways. In high school, I wrote and designed our newspaper. I created videos and images about my values and people that I love. Yes, these hobbies still exist in my life and I am excited to take this course so I can continue these interests in my college years and beyond. Furthermore, it is the emerging new technologies that are advancing our lives more and more through all different types of mass and interpersonal media.

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