Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The society of the Spectacle

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The Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord discusses important effects, which are shaping and changing today’s society. He suggests that society has created a false world to live in while being united in the separation the false world offers. Debord also propose the “separate pseudoworld” has transformed the meaning of human. This false world is also being used by commodity to connect worldwide while making each and everyone feel like an important individual (while sharing the same message worldwide).

Debord describes the spectacle as the creation of reality which portrayal a fake world. Debord states “
The spectacle that falsifies reality is nevertheless a real product of that reality (Debord 8),” this false world we create was our doing, as where the lines for the illusion and realism blur. The spectacle includes the world as being broken parts of a society which evolved into a separate societies coming back together into a fabricated world. The world reinforces this every time one tune in for their primetime TV show or login to any social media site. Debord gives insight to the spectacle when he states “It covers the entire surface of the globe, endlessly basking in its own glory (Debord 13).” The world essentially sits alone in front of a box, whether it’s big or small, collectively receiving intake this bogus world has to offers.

However many people may not realize that they are dealing within an artificial creation. The lines blend together that the “pseudoworld” is the only reality with no chance to interrogation. Debord writes “The spectacle presents itself as a vast inaccessible reality that can never be questioned. (Debord 12)” For upcoming generation this alter reality is the reality they would come know. The beauty of material things life has to offer will become more important than the beauty of life, itself. Deford declares “The commodity form reduces everything to quantitative equivalence (Debord 38).” The value of life has decrease because individuality is rare in today’s society. 

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 The next generation may not know what commodity common form is, which leaves them oblivious to has happen to the world. Debord announces “In the spectacle’s basic practice of incorporating into itself all the fluid aspects of human activity so as to possess them in a congealed form, and of inverting living values into purely abstract values, we recognize our old enemy the commodity (Debord 35).”  The commodity has done such a great job at hiding itself that; even now it can be hard to acknowledge what is happening. It is so many choices, coming at you at so many angles, and so fast that you’re trying to keep up without taking a minute to think of the decision you made. Now everyone is use to information coming quicker than a snap of a finger and it is forcing up to keep up.

This alter-reality has not only changed the way the world interacts but also it has changed the nature instinct of being human. Deford declares “The commodity form reduces everything to quantitative equivalence (Debord 38).” The value of life has decrease because individuality is rare in today’s society. People are being told what to do, what to think, and what to buy; which is all being dictated by the same thing, the commodity. The commodity is not one thing but multiple things like, Celebrities (Katy Perry [Singer], LeBron James [basketball player], Oprah Winfrey (TV Host]), Networks (HBO, MTV, Disney, Nickelodeon) and many more which is all contribute to the idea that this item is important. The commodity that these things sell is considered as a need instead of a want. If one likes basketball then one must get the LeBron James sneakers, one need this; that’s what everyone little box is telling them. You need this and you need that, no one questions whether it is really needed in the alter-reality.

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