Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Well, this is who I am.

Hello everyone,

        As a freshman interested in flying airplanes and getting involved in the aviation industry, I somehow feel as if I shouldn't be here but at the same time I know that it is my duty to learn more about a topic that plays a big role in my life. My name is Rodrigo Valencia and I am planning to major in Aeronautical Engineer, a career that has been on my mind for the longest as a result of my passion for aviation. I was born in Peru and grew up in a family that instilled many interests and activities in my life such as music, sports, fashion, traveling and food. Today these interests make up who I am, an open-minded and adventurous individual that loves to travel and explore every aspect of other cultures as well as someone that enjoys having conversations about sports and fashion. Years from now I see myself working for a huge aviation company such as Boeing or Airbus. I am just in my second week of college so who knows if I might end up taking a different path probably involving my other passions that I mentioned. If there is something that I am sure will happen is that of my future being directly influenced by media and technology.

        Even though my major is far from what this course focuses on, I have always found myself immersed in media which is something that I find completely interesting. Just like the majority of people today, media is something that forms a big part of my life and I am influenced by it 24/7. It is present from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep and I can honestly say that it keeps me alive in a very unique way. Being the curious and open-minded person that I am, media is like my best friend that constantly updates me with information and resources that I find valuable. If there is a feeling that I hate then I say that this is being out of date with mostly anything that's out there. That's why I thank media and technology for always bringing changes that provides us with entertainment and makes everything in this world more interesting. I have no idea of how it would be to live without media, perhaps nothing would make sense.

I had the pleasure to meet Mark Zuckerberg two years ago, great example of a young individual that has had a significant effect on the media. 

These are the links to a couple of websites that I enjoy visiting:

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