Monday, September 10, 2012

It Is All About Me ! :)


      My Name is Sara Tawfik, i’m a Senior at Rutgers, The State University in Newark. I am a Video Production Major. I enjoy traveling around the world, i have been to many countries such as Munich and Frankfurt in Germany,  Egypt, KSA,  Lebanon and i am willing to visit more and more historical places in the future. I am bilingual in Arabic and French. I have always been inspired by the Media industry. Without exception media has had a strong influence on me since i was a child. In addition it also has had a huge influence on our society today , and it’s vigorous messages they present to us. Video also has taught me how external messages are being interpreted to shape our internal thoughts and ideas about the world. Once they shape these values it’s hard to change them or it could take a while for us to know either the information given to us is reliable or not, which i think this is my part to help make sure that all my facts are in the right place within any career i work in. I enjoy editing videos and shooting also. I love dealing with every little thing involving video such as creating new ideas, motivating my video skills and my work that will be presented to the public, i enjoy setting up lightings, and making sure my audio is perfect. Ever Since i was a child i always had the curiosity of how they film these cartoons we watch or how we watch what we see on television. In the end, i grew up to be an actual filmmaker and  i hope i could represent something people would respect and value.

This is a link to my youtube videos.
This is my Word Press Blog.

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