Thursday, September 20, 2012



Hello everyone my name is Amanda. I am a transfer student here at Rutgers. I love music, writing , reading , working out , and learning new things. I'm a journalism major and I one day hope to get to see the world with my degree! I somehow want to incorporate traveling and doing things aboard relevant to my major , Ill figure it all out one day. Right now I'm just trying to soak up anything and everything Rutgers has to offer. I put this picture of Rihanna relaxing on a yacht somewhere in the middle of the ocean , because for one I just love this picture , it's a great shot! I love the setting and I love how she seems so relaxed and at peace.  Mainly though this picture inspires me in a lot of ways. I'm a simple girl , all I want out of life is peace and to be happy and comfortable with the life I live. Rihanna is someone big in the industry today that I admire. I love her! I love her music , her personality , and I feel like she is someone I can relate to in a personal sense. Well I guess thats enough about me =)

P.S this is just a video of a song I like. I like this song because one day I really want to live in California! All my life I've felt like that is where I was really suppose to live.It's just a song about how great California is ! check it out.

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