Monday, September 10, 2012

My Dream Chat Bio

         Hi my name is Darren C. Frett and my major is Journalism. Journalism and media go hand in hand really, however I found myself rolling my eyes when things don’t work or seem too complex then they really are. But its needed, in all parts of life especially in the journalism world. Being able to convey something through an image, a word or sound byte can mean being in the loop or totally lost. My interests are generally culture, pop culture based. I love music, fashion, creativity, and new ideas. Who doesn't ? But I find my interest bordering on obsession, but thats only because I really love it sooooo *shrugs.

          I found this picture a long time ago of polaroids taken by Andy Warhol. As individuals and as a collective group I think these people (from top left clockwise Grace Jones, Bianca Jagger, Sen. Ted Kennedy, and Jean-Michel Basquiat) are pop culture. They are music, fashion, thought, and art. I found it interesting how most of them have also dabbled in each others field somehow. I think thats a little bit like me. I like all types of music, YES even some country (a la 90's Shania Twain) and I'm down for any righteous,radical cause ! 
           Last year at Fashion’s Night Out I ran into these fashion bloggers that I follow called In turn the meeting went from interviewing the creators to interviewing designers who’ve worked for Lady Gaga. Being exposed to people who themselves use their blog as a vehicle opened me up to show that whatever field of journalism I get into, fashion, music, artistic, hard news, being able to use multiple medias creates a more in depth story than something in only print. 

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  1. Did you see the story about the Ted Kennedy Warhol portrait recently being auctioned? Interesting anyway....