Monday, September 17, 2012

Post One - Society of Spectacle

Guy Debord's "The Society of the Spectacle" describes the society being influenced by the production of images. These ideal images are being incorportaed to our daily life. This makes us think and believe that the spectacle of media is the real world we live in. Debord argues the idea that culture is making becomes commodity. These commodities focus on our needs and desires so, the consumers buy them to satisfy their needs. But what Debord argues is that "spectacle is not just a servant of pseudo-use, it is already in itself a pseudo-use of life." The production of images are showing fake reality. We live in a community where we want to live in and not face the reality of the actual world. We would be influenced from the spectacle that are centered and controlled.

One of the major impact that affect the society is Apple. Apple has invented new, smart electronic devices that moved people to buy their products. Not only Apple but Samsung and other phone companies are competing against each other. Now, smart phones are standard mechanical device that are used by mass audiences. Smart phones contain not just phone calling but text messaging, taking photos and videos, use internet, and even able to edit movie clips and compose your own ring tone! When everyone has iphone, you will feel like you need to have one too.

Commodity as spectacle correlates with money. Through history, commodity were started as labor to earn wages, such as factories during Industrial Revolution. As the history moves on, the idea of selling commodities has shirts to different ideas by creating and selling images of culture. Debord addresses, "Capital is no longer the invisible center governing the production process; as it accumulates, it spread to the ends of the earth in the form of tangible objects. The entire expanse of society is its portrait." The purpose is not to tsell the actual product, it is more focused on how people are influence to the image of that product. That's why originality is destroyed and reality inter reflects with hyper reality,

Coca-cola brand is the most well-known carbonated drink that are sold all over the world. Media introduces this product in a way the drink can change your view and give you perfect harmony. Because it is such famous brand, capital is not being exchanged rather the image of the brand is being exchanged. They want to keep the idea of perfect harmony that are believed by the American citizens. The impact will connect to the world and they would think the same way Americans do.

Coca Cola Commercial (1971)

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