Monday, September 10, 2012

me and media

I can't imagine my life without media... Seriously, who can live their life without media? Even my grandparents who live on the countryside use Skype! Anyways, hi my name is Naomi Iwabuchi and I'm currently in my senior year. I transfered my major from business to video production in my third year because I finally found what I wanted to do. I'm taking Convergence because it is a required course but I think it is an interesting course because we will be studying and analyzing how media has affected us for decades.

Since little, I grew up watching movies and TV, listening to music, and using internet! If I don't have my phone and my iTouch with me, I will be in panic. That's how much I love media! I'm just so devastated how media attracts people so much whether it is from news, commercial, movies, or games. Television has ultimate power to influence the viewers. That's why I want to be part of the creation where messages are spread and learn visually. I was a girl who always sat in front of television and computer; now, I want to create movies and dramas so that the children today would be watching my creations.

wordpress blog site that I created for Intro to Internet and Multi Media

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