Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Introduction - Cuz someone had to do it first

Hi I'm Jay Patel. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to be the first one writing an intro for this class but beggars can't be choosers...or something like that. The reason I don't want to be the first one doing this is mainly because I NEVER know what to say and/or how much to say. So I'll let this one picture do the saying for me. Hopefully you can understand what the message is when you read it. [NOTE: It's from a japanese manga that my girlfriend reads so read it right to left to understand it]

For those of you who don't understand this picture, the character with the robe on and the creepy child hanging off his shoulder and the wicked ass Heaven thing in the background is claiming that he is perfect. In short I am that guy. [sideways winking smiley face] No in truth I am an egotistical, narcissistic person. It's not a bad thing, my old psych prof says it's completely normal. I'm also a film student, aspiring to be a great filmmaker one day. I have a knack for being very outside of the box when it comes to thinking. I come up with strange, very out there stories and situations that I like to base a lot of my work around. I'm different; and different always means I'm better.

I have a few small school projects done [link to one below] and I am currently working on a pretty complex project that I intend to get done and out there this time next year, if the project's financial situation gets better. Being online helps be get my work out to people; Youtube and Facebook primarily. It also helps be get better ideas for most of my stories. It's easier to look online for information that it is to grab a book and flip through the chapters until I find that one quote that I'm basing my entire story on. [By the way I do that, I can take one idea or character and turn it into a very complex, very titillating storyline] Music also helps. I have a few story-lines that are based on songs by like Lady Gaga and Beyonce that took me years to write that I probably wouldn't have done if it weren't for Youtube and that god awful Music Television. Books are great, my current project is inspired by the Bible and Paradise Lost. I love working with religion because it's so easy to make a story out of it. Religion is ripe for parody and as a filmmaker and storyteller I love to exploit that fact. I also have to get back into Twitter I stopped using it but hopefully it can help propel my life into the big times.

So yeah that's a little blip of me. I know it was supposed to be a paragraph but to be entirely honest, this "small" blog post does not do my life justice. It's very interesting, my life, it just sucks that I have to keep it short.

Sample of my work [<-- Viewer discretion is advised]

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