Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Society of Spectacle

            The Society of the Spectacle is the changing relation between the real life experience to the new experiences represented by all new innovations of technology. Not only does the spectacle has to do with the new innovations corporations bring to us but as to how we as a society fall into their traps in buying, trying and using the new ideas.  

            The way Guy Debord describes the impact is in an negative stance. He believes that all these developments will and are causing humans separating from one another and starting to get more attached to materialistic objects. He feels that the quality of life is losing authenticity and losing of general knowledge because of all the new way of looking at images and using new ideas.

As depicted in the picture above, people take the use of the new media and technology and replace it with face to face time with one another. The theme of commodity is known to show things or a new desire to have. Debord takes the idea of commodity and tells us that the media shows us new objects but it is up to us as viewers how to understand and swallow the new ideas.

            The Commodity of as a spectacle is basically viewing something through a new invention instead of looking at it directly face to face. By looking at new ideas and inventions it makes people want to have things even they already own the same type of object. These objects are known to be as materialistic. For example, the new iPhone coming out this week is making people who already own iPhones from the past want to buy it. Even though it has maybe a few new tweaks, it is the same old thing but even has more problems.
                                                (people will buy anything)

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