Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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      Hi, My name is Freddy Slobert. I'm a sophomore transfer student from Fairleigh Dickinson University, so it is my first semester at Rutgers. I grew up in New Jersey but I try to spend as much time out of Jersey as I possibly can. My family is originally from Liberia, West Africa, which is very dear to my heart. I've loved photography and videography since I was a kid and over the summer I finally purchased a DSLR camera so I'm more into the two now than ever. My current major is finance, but my professional goals are to own a successful business or to one day become a CFO. Either way, I'll be satisfied. Also, my academic goals are to first receive my bachelors degree, then my MBA, and see where life takes me from there. Media, media consumption, and media studies absolutely fit into my life because it is no longer confined to the pages of a newspaper or a television screen, through the magic of technology and the internet, the media has its way of reaching out to every youth, and it found its way to me.
     Last year, I played my first year of Rugby for my old school which was extremely fun, and with a lot of hard work I earned a starting position although an injury cut my season short.
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