Sunday, September 9, 2012

I've Got The Victory!!!

Hello I am Direne, a Senior, an Educator, a Volunteer Ambassador, and a Cancer Society Advocate.  My friends and family like to affectionately call me Lady Di.  My major is Journalism and I became interested in Media Studies in the 6th grade when I was cast as a reporter in an educational play for elementary schools that was taped in a Newark, New Jersey Courthouse.   I knew I could do anything in Media because I was never afraid to talk  to anyone, go anywhere and I would deliver the message to you swiftly and accurately!  As a Cancer Survivor, I have been strengthened and motivated to be a voice for others.  I love doing research on topics that impact women and  urban communities in America. 

I hold a degree in Public Relations and my academic and professtonal goal is to obtain a B.A. degree in Journalism and become a Publicist or start a non-profit organization.  My life's humanitarian work is inspired by many, but  a special quote that I really like is from an actor, Louis Mann, who said..."What happens to a man is less significant than What happens within him."

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