Saturday, September 8, 2012

I'm a bit embarrassed on how long this is...

Just me and my pride and joy, Lucy (my Gibson SG guitar).

Hey guys, my name is Tina Marie. If you didn't guess from my photo, I love the guitar, drums, and piano (not shown). I honestly love anything and everything music. Hell, I would even try out an old accordion if given the chance. I would just hope I could avoid being called a dork, but my chances are slim on that one.

When it comes to music for me, I just don't stop.  My mother always wondered where I picked up my music ability because no one in the family ever played any type of instrument.  I guess expression of any form was my kind of thing whether it be making music or art.  I became a natural at it. But some where along the way of playing, I actually picked up writing to accompany my music.  I was never a singer, but I got pretty decent at the lyrics part.  Technology and writing  both together never really played out for me well in the beginning. The way I did it was the old fashion way, by ink and paper. Surprising right? I wrote on just about anything.  It started out with notebooks, then to small little business cards or brochures I found, and then of course the occasional writing on the hand. I even ended up writing on my bedroom walls to give my own little touch on self-decorating. (mom wasn't too happy about it but she'll live).  What it came down to was, I always felt the need to write these thoughts, these feelings I had somewhere and anywhere.

I love music, but I wanted to do more.  Come freshman year, I must of changed my major 10 times. Criminal justice, then business, then to law. It was just all crap.  You would think with all those majors and how difficult they can be that I would of been smart enough to figure out what I should of done all along. Well things are never that easy.  I then ended up grabbing the campus newspaper The Observer at the Athletic Dome.  I realized this was me. Maybe not newspaper writing, but this, this was so me.  I changed my major the last time to journalism.  I figured if I don't like this, I'm leaving school and going to music school.  But I ended up loving journalism.  I felt a sense of importance with my writing, and I didn't want to stop.

I now write for the Scarlet Magazine and contribute to the school newspaper. I have my own blog where I interview underground bands, musician profiles, and album reviews.  I'm focusing on music journalism because its me.   Whats great about journalism for me is I can still do what I love as a career.  Its really not about making the big bucks to me, and it really shouldn't be about that for anyone.  It's about being content with your life. It really is true money isn't everything, a fulfilling life is.  When I graduate in May of 2013, it will feel like the beginning of something great.

My dream is to work for a big name magazine like Rolling Stone as corny as that may sound, but I'm not stressing over it if I don't.  Truth is, life is what you make it. I have big plans for myself and I know I will achieve them.

Check out my blog. I took off this summer from it, but I will surely revive it back
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