Sunday, September 9, 2012

Where would I be without media?

This is a still shot from my last short film: Stainless Rose
Where would I be without media? Not here. My name is Rudy Mancuso, a third-year Rutgers student currently studying music and video production. Music has had an immense impact on my life; I consider it not only an art form, but an intricate language. With varied instruments (piano, guitar, drums) I've been able to create my own material as well as creatively communicate with people all over the world. This passionate interest in music progressively led me into the direction of video production/filmmaking; another creative art form that was easy for me to become addicted to. Before I knew it, I found myself shooting commercials for local businesses in neighboring cities, as well as composing musical scores for independent films. I've developed my skills in relation to both fields; including composing, shooting, editing, writing, directing, and producing. Although I have learned so much in the school's programs, I have acquired more skills and knowledge by physically going out and participating in intensive work, especially in hands-on environments. I hope to graduate as soon as I can, only to either apply to graduate film school or attain a professional internship position in this field; I cannot see myself doing anything else. The art of music and video dominate my world. In today's day and age, art is most expressed through media, not to mention, the source of my biggest inspirations derive from exposure through media. Overall, I am a natural artisan. All I want to do is create.


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