Thursday, September 13, 2012

procrastination at it's finest

in true writer fashion, trust and believe you will probably not see me posting on this blog until the last possible acceptable moment..

i'm Sara, 24, journalism major/english minor. my passion for reading and writing goes back as far as i can remember. as a matter of fact, some of my earliest memories are of learning to read at age, like, four, with my thousand year old babysitter who didn't do much moving around. we read.. a LOT.. of books.

people throw that word, passion, around a lot these days - example: person who downloads Instagram and suddenly "oh, i have such a passion for photography." - but, i use the word because personally, i write because it feels like breathing.

i'm happy to be in this class because as much as i may scribble things down everywhere i go, it's 2012 and there is a need to get your words/creativity/whatever it is, out into the world and i've been meaning to start a blog for about two years now... i do write for the Scarlet magazine here on campus, here is a link to a book review i wrote last semester.

i hope to work in book publishing following graduation, but am open to all types of literary or journalistic opportunities, including the media culture, and hope to learn more about that avenue in this class. it's amazing how much media convergence affects our culture and lives in ways that we don't even realize.

oh, the reason for the picture attached is because that's my happy place. that's all you get to know for now. :)

anyway, i could talk about myself forever, but i won't. this time.

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