Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Transmedia Storytelling

Multimedia and transmedia play very differnet roles when it comes to distributing content. Multimedia is one story shown through different media platforms, for example a movie can be shown on tv, an Ipad, or a cellphone. Transmedia is based on one main story, but through each media platform a new story is told. Transmedia is translating one medium into another. For example, the ending of a book would be the beginning to the movie.

A popular transmedia example is Star Wars. The main story of Star Wars was used to create movies, books, comics, animated shows and video games each having a new story line to connect each platform to the other. The films include parts that can be turned into games and allowed a new story to be created. Star Wars games attracted loyal fans and players of all different ages. Star Wars engaged fans to become involved in the story and continue to search for new information that is given to them across multiple media platforms. No two people will analyze information the same way, which is why transmedia allowed people to come together and compare their knowledge with each other.

Producers of content are using transmedia to increase their fan base. Individuals who have played the Star Wars video games and read the comic books are able to come together and discuss the different stories they have discovered in their own medium. People who don't necessarily play video games and would rather watch the movie would still be able to talk to the gamer about the story in the movie. From there, they are able to use their imagination and create new story lines of what could possibly happen next and so on. Trandmedia is engaging people to communicate with each other and talk about one main story that has been produced through different mediums. Henry Jenkins states, "The ideal form of trandmedia storytelling, each medium does what it does best-so that a story might be introduced in a film, expanded through television, novels, comics" (p.98).
This video on Star Wars shows how it uses transmedia story telling. You are able to see how Star Wars has developed through the years from movies, to comics, to toys, and even an action park in Florida. Each medium representing a new story line stemming from the previous one.

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