Thursday, November 29, 2012

Post 4 - The Future of Convergence


The Future of media convergence will be, in my opinion, much like what we see today. What else could be possible converged?! Maybe as new inventions come about the convergence of media will transform, but it's hard to say where exactly the future of converging media relies. 

Technology is a format used to tell a story. YouTube tells stories, Blogs tell stories, Facebook and Twitter tell stories. People use technology to express what is happening in their lives or how they are feeling.

We can approach the future in a schematic manner based on our knowledge of the past and our contemporary experiences. From just thirty years ago until today we can see huge changes in technology and it is by those extreme changes that we can predict even greater, newer inventions. 

For example, the idea of Game Theory is definitely something we can expect to see in many classrooms. Media convergence is now becoming a way of education. No longer is media a form of entertainment but a tool. It isn't only the inventions of media that will be new to us, but also it's uses. 

Take for instance this video that instructs professors on how to use YouTube in the classroom. This is what we will be seeing a lot more in the future - the convergence of media and education.  

We can't prepare much for what the future will bring when dealing with media. We simply have to prepare ourselves to learn the new tools of the trade as they are discovered. M.I.T, a university known for it's advanced studies of technology, even has an article on how to use media in the classroom. This idea of an old dog learning new tricks is and will be very relevant to us in the future. 

We should also be thinking about contributing to a newer age of media whether investing in a new media technology financially or with our thoughts. As an advancing generation, we should consider using technology for greater educational purposes. A lot of classes and lectures are still antiquated and are set in the format of typical, 19th century schemes. Yet, with all this fountain of technology the education system should too advance in its teaching methods.

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