Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Post 4 - The Future

As technology grows so will convergence. Information will continue to add but the way we view it and interact with it will be extremely different. Platforms will definitely change and be extremely different( what is the norm today won't last tomorrow). Like the Iphone having Siri (the intelligent assistant that understands what you say, knows what you mean, and has the answers you need) but instead of the Iphone, Siri will become a computerized house talking back to you; this will be the norm.

The growth of technology from 50 years ago storytelling is completely different. For example print was the best way to get one’s story out to the public which can be expensive and unattainable. However with new technology like YouTube one’s story can be upload within minutes of making it accessible to the entire world. Dr. Know from A.I. Artificial Intelligence will be how stories are told but rather than this big device, Dr. Know will be able interact with you via one’s phone, camera and  all holographic devices.

Knowing the past can help us stop making the same mistakes in the future but does it prepare us for the future? I don't think the past prepare us but I do feel as if we would have to relearn the way of life. Just as we learned how to watch tv, how to interact with social media. While advancements are made in technology of course we as mankind are growing too. However as mankind grows does this also means the growth makes us better as individuals?

 Want know what the future looks like just look a some movies! The media that has been created in the past and being created today can spark the idea of a new platform for the future. Its the same idea just a new way things are done. Joining the game is possible but it may not be easy. Appealing to individuals likes and dislikes maybe be a difficult task. Don't forget the way individuals interact with the next big thing can affect the game too.

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