Tuesday, November 13, 2012

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Multimedia is the same story being told in multiple ways by using different platforms like Ipods, TVs, and Computers. Like Transmedia is multiple stories created off one main story and  shared on different platforms such a movies, tv, videogames, or a comic. Batman, Superman, Spiderman all displays transmedia at its best. Superheroes shows the best usage of transmedia. Spiderman consist of comic books, movies, music, games and action figures; all enforcing the same story line. They are able to reach all ages and even connect them.  

Spiderman uses multiple media to connect to their audiences. Platforms such as video games, comic books, movies, television shows.  All of which is sharing the basic same story, a boy, whom receive special abilities from a spider bite. This is the simplest form of transmedia, connecting to many different audiences in their own comfort zone.

In society people like other individuals they can connect, transmedia is doing exactly that, bridging different groups together. Transmedia enforces participation because the gamer is able to connect to the movie viewer  and so on. Different conversations are taking place on one major subject because its no longer a separate world. 


The use of various platforms does change the audience for the better. From being a once silenced society kept separate from each other and had accepted the one sided conversation with media to becoming a rambling opinion responder is what engage society. The fact that we now can respond to everything the media shares. While everyone has a voice being able to share on anything and with everyone. However it also can change the story which can be problematic, the uniqueness of the story can be lost with the bridges of these unions. 
Pictures: Spiderman

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