Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Post 4 - The Future for Convergence

The future of convergence occurs everyday.  In the society we live in currently, we continue to merge all sources of media into one platform.  It seems as though we have reached our full potential of advancement, but just like our parents thought before us is the same way our children will think after us.
There will always be an advancement of technology.  This advancement of technology has already intersected with storytelling and in some ways combined the two together.  As we create games based on movies, we enable access of them not only on our gaming systems but our tablets and any other device we choose.  We live in a world where each and everyday there are lesser limitation to what technology can do for us and how far we can take it.

Just like Heather in Jenkins book, the youth create the future.  They are the ones in control of what the future holds.  Now a days, it is as they were born in a past where they take these obsolete experiences to make a better future. They are the ones who will be living in it.  We forsee a world where we have reached our height of technology, but just like science, there will always be new discoveries and new advancement in this world.  As long as we are human, we will evolve our world.

I don't really think there is a preparation process more like a continuation.  If we continue to dedicate the time to advance technology, continue to develop new media, the future that is ahead will be one we never thought was attainable, for beyond the one we have adapted to now.

All we need to think about, opinion of course, is not letting media become too detached from the real world. Why? Once, there is no connection with technology and humans, reality is lost.  Once that is lost there is really no need for humans. If they are working on having people live after death by information from a person's newsfeed, what will be the need for a real person? These are things to think about.

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