Monday, November 12, 2012

Post #3 Transmedia & My Band

Being a musician transmedia has helped the promotion of my musical endeavors in many ways. The fact that now we can use one of many media outlets to promote other forms of media on different media outlets is an amazing tool. The picture below is of one of my former bands face book pages that delivers a prime example of transmedia functioning to connect all of our different outlets.

As you can see our face book page had links to other media outlets that delivered other forms of media about the same topic, our band. 

Transmedia is the usage of different types of media from different outlets for the same or similar topic. The topic here is my band and as you will see below we have used many different types of media to interact with our fan base and promote our media.
This is our twitter account where we broadcasted short messages to our fans who chose to follow us. Here we were able to communicate to a wide audience who wanted frequent updates on the things our band was doing. In the past it would be almost impossible to keep up with what a band was doing unless they participated in a broadcasted interview or took part in a magazine article. Now with transmedia we can publish updates on our band along side catalogs of our music without having to get involved with journalists or television producers.
Not only with face book could we distribute a catalog of our music where it was downloadable and playable but also with websites like sound cloud & band camp we could make our music available to our fans and fans of the media outlet.

Another example of the benefits of transmedia is the website youtube and its compatibility with most other websites and media outlets like face book. With youtube and its connection to many of these other media websites we could use transmedia to deliver a video aspect to fans and not just a publishing of words and music streams.

As you can see transmedia had served as a great tool for promoting my band and delivered different forms of media to our fans that could all even be accessible from the same place. We were able to engage the audience in many different forms from video to audio to broadcasted messages. We could even receive replies from our audience and ask them questions about what they wanted so we could deliver it. 
Interaction with fans on face book.
Transmedia allows us not only to be able to take advantage of different media forms other than just our music but it also links us to the fan bases of the websites that host our media. Millions of people use you tube, face book, band camp and sound cloud. Because of transmedia we can reach all of those people with different preferences on how they choose to receive media rather than just one fan base that only reads articles or only goes on sound cloud. 

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