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Post 3
Transmedia Storytelling

Multimedia is different than transmedia and here’s why.  According to "" multimedia uses computers to present text, audio, video, animation, interactive features and still images in various ways and combinations made possible through the advancement of technology.  A computer is the base of multimedia and only one platform is used.  Transmedia uses multiple media platforms with hopes of reaching out to several users (Jenkins 97).  A common story will be introduced in a film, expanded through television, novels, comics, video games and even amusement parks. 

To succeed using transmedia you must be able to attract many users through different platforms.  Examples of different platforms would be the television; comics, video games, ARG’s, and social just to name a few.  The story “Transformers” uses multiple media platforms, making them very successful and expanded whom they reached and the experience of the story.  Transformers made its first appearance in 1984 in toy form and cartoon film.  In 1986 the cartoon/comic became Transformers: The Move and the rest is history.  There has been 26 total Transformers video games releases for various consoles such as, Playstation 1,2 & 3, Mobile Phone, PC, Mac, Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and Microsoft Windows.  Books for Transformers have also been made.

An alternate reality game titled “Sector Seven” was created in 2007 and increased hype for the first live action movie.  Alternate reality games according to Jane McGonial is “an interactive drama played out online and in real-world spaces, taking place over several weeks or months, in which dozens, hundreds, thousands of players come together online, for collaborative social networks, and work together to solve a mystery or problem that would be absolutely impossible to solve alone” (Jenkins 320).  Sector Seven was introduced online, players cell phones, and on social networking sites.
Sector Seven Logo

Using transmedia as a strategy is a great idea if you can pull it off.  Transmedia results in your project being available in many different places and to many different people.  Ultimately produces participation from users.  The use of various platforms would appeal to users across the various platforms.  No user would be left out. 

Transmedia covers several bases among multiple platforms.  It isn’t just limited to using the computer to present text, audio, video, animation or interactive features; which is multimedia.  Transmedia is great if you want your project to reach various users.  Comics, television, novels, video games and ARG’s are available to use.  Media is transforming into transmedia, multimedia will eventually be outdated. 

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