Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Transmedia Post #3: Shaken Together: Follow our Journey

Transmedia has played a major role in the success of my non-profit Shaken TogetherOur organization is dedicated to providing support and assistance to families suffering from Epilepsy. Our mission is to strengthen the resolve and hope of children suffering from Epilepsy by giving them little bundles of joy they once believed were impossible. Committed to raising awareness and providing support for families and communities through unique programs, activities and outreach, transmedia plays a major role with getting our story out.

With our newly formed non-profit organization, being able to use different media outlets to share our story, promote, interact and track our targeted fan base has been the reason why ST has been successful thus far. 

Our homepage, Shaken Together.org, provides links to both our Facebook and Twitter page. Our homepage provides as an umbrella to all our other sources and general information about ST. 

When I first joined the Shaken Together team, I wanted to be able to share the story of how ST was established. I was imperative that everyone knew a close friend of mine is a parent with a child, Elijah, who suffers from Epilepsy and has been suffering from this disease since he was three months old. However, as time went on, I wanted to, above all, share the entire journey with anyone and everyone possible. For example, as oppose to just providing the back story of Shaken Together, I wanted the supporter (our fans) to be able to have a daily interaction of our every move and progress at the tips of their fingers. 

Multimedia is telling a single story on multiple platforms whereas transmedis is telling multiple stories over multiple mediums that overall tell one big story.
(One3 Productions).

Shaken Together's Instagram

In the picture on the left, you can see that we have had 155 people "like" our Facebook page. "Liking" our page now means the user not only supports ST, but they are now keeping up with our progress on their personal timelines. This also works the other way around as well. ST staff can also track and interact with our supporters. Whether it be commenting on a picture, joining an event, getting the latest ST news or posting their thoughts under a video, we are able to get feedback from our audience.

To the right is our Instagram page. Here, our supporters, can see every intimate moment ST shares in the form of pictures. This is were the supporter would go for a visual fix. For example, our Instagram page shows behind the scene pictures of our very first photo shoot. Instagram is where we catch all our mobile users on one platform. 

Shaken Together's YouTube


Shaken Together's Youtube page is an outlet similar to the visual fix Instagram gives us. Only difference is that it is in the from of video. No longer using words our pictures, here you can get to see and know the "real" us. The user has the ability to "share" our videos to other users by one simply click of a button.

Below is our Twitter page. Here we can "talk" to our supporters as if we were sending them a text message. Twitter allows us to interact with our users in real time. This benefits us in many ways. If we had a fundraiser or update we wanted to share that would be occurring over a span over time, we can take to twitter to help spread the word. Twitter is thee most effective way to "talk" to our supporters.

The best part about all these outlets, is that it is easily accessible on everyone's phone. This makes it easier, faster and user friendly to stay in contact with our supporters!

Transmedia allows us to reach out to thousands of users and thousands of users are able to reach out to us. The amazing thing about transmedia is that every aspect of our journey and story can be told in many different media forms. This allows us to gain the support of a very colorful audience and support system!

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