Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Transmedia Storytelling and Multimedia

There are many differences between multimedia and transmedia. Mainly transmedia story telling is the flow of content in different media platforms such as expanding or furthering the story through movies, games and books to gain the full experience. Examples of this include what Jenkins had stated in Convergence Culture was the famous Matrix. The Matrix fans had entered all the different platforms to totally understand the story. Transmedia storytelling also keeps consumers intact and brings in new audiences through the different types of media. In terms of multimedia, it is a sole story but told throughout different platforms. Examples of this include Harry Potter, Twilight, Spiderman and more.

            A perfect example is known to be the Hello Kitty, first appearing as a drawing on a sandal in 1974 it led its way to being a Japanese television show in the late 80s then went on to having merchandise, games, story books, music, anime, music videos and stores. This shows that it is a perfect example of transmedia since not only is the story the same but it is expanding. 
            The effects and strategy of transmedia and multimedia is definitely successful since it brings in more users of the product. In terms of multimedia, some people such as the image on page 95 in Convergence Culture, 2 of the 3 men understood The Matrix, the 3rd member may go ahead and go to another form of media to understand the story. This does work since I am guilty of being one those people who has to view different platforms to understand the story. But in terms of transmedia, the 2 of the 3 men may move ahead in the games and sequel’s of the movie so they can move forward into the story. 

            The various platforms bring in more audience since some consumers like to read instead of watching a movie, some like to watch the movie rather than reading and some like to do both. Different platforms brings in more revenue for the providers (CreativeCommons). Back in May of 2012, the movie Avengers was released bringing together all the viewers of each of the DC Comics movie. For people who have never read comics nor saw the movies would not have a pleasant time watching the movie since they would not know what was going on. 

Henry Jenkins, Covergence Culture

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