Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Transmedia Vs. Multimedia

Starting off by the definition of Trans media according to Henry Jenkins, ”A trans media story unfolds across multiple media platforms, with each new text making a distinctive and valuable contribution to the whole” (Jenkins 97). In this quote, Jenkins gives us a clear visual concept of how a story can be unfolded and interpreted through various media platforms. He gives a good example in his book; for instance, he argues how trasnmedia helps create the content and narrative of a story using effective ideas of science fiction joining with in an action film, such as “The Matrix”. He sees this movie as an actual potential and example in creating a good storytelling being a successful movie. This movie has evolved and transformed into many media platforms such as video games, comics, and books. Furthermore, this kind of storytelling certainly helps engage the audience in the stories narratives and scientific knowledge of all these diverse technical creativity. 

Another example of transmedia is avatar; this movie came out to be very successful and a favorable outcome to most audiences. The use of beautiful graphic designs and 3D special effects, engaged the audience in imagining even a more desirable film. Without such designs and effects in the movie, it would have failed if it were not for it’s content and story to make it evolve. However, the movie managed to be a great one, this also shows how we translate such stories into different mediums, a movie becoming a book or a main character of a video game showing in an other form of medium such as a comic, which makes it more entertaining and enjoyable for kids and adults. It all depends on the process of conveying such stories, messages and text to the audience in a very artistic and organized style.

On the other hand, according to Jenkins Multimedia refers to “ The integration of multiple modes of expression within a single application”. Multimedia consists of all technical techniques that are presented within a piece of content. For example, video, text, and audio, elaborate on informing the audience it’s content, introducing them new insights about their products and advertising in a more multi dimensional way. They help engage the audience’s creativity in forming creative ideas in different types of media. The video above gives a great example of how vast technology is becoming and the importance of these multimedia techniques that are play a big role in shaping the public opinions and across them  to different channels. 

The rise of social networking and having the opportunity to publish, create and obtain feedback is just potential. The development of multimedia is just epic, it helps in evolving important utensils. Using different types of animation, special effects, sound, and texts, which give the audience a good understanding of what is being informed and how they distribute products in a nice persuasive approach to have a larger group of listeners. By using these strong tools, it will help the consumers to engage in making the product successful and worth buying or watching. Therefore, it increases the ability for multimedia and transmedia to be a successful storytelling product that will make the market for these stories to be more valuable and beneficial, and continue to create new ideas of how to tell these narratives in different media platforms.

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