Thursday, November 29, 2012

What Does the Convergence World Hold for Us ?

The future, something that we all look up to and constantly try to imagine what is going to be like holds an endless amount of possibilities. We might picture this planet decades from now as a Dystopian world completely ruined because of humans or perhaps a better place, a Utopian world, in which technology and society would have fused to make this the perfect place to live. Still, there is no one that knows exactly how it's going to be but our expectations do give us an overview.

A Dystopian world destroyed by humans.
World of the Future
A Utopian world, the ideal place to live.

Without a doubt, the future would be dominated by technology. Each year, many new technological inventions come out that change the way we live and interact. However, we must not underestimate technology because it is the most influential factor that will determine the future of mankind. Convergence which is part of this whole technological movement is what will ultimately decide how we consume media in the future. It is 2012 and so far we have come across so many inventions that were not even expected 10 years ago. With technology growing so fast in the future we might only need to use one device for everything that we do.

The world cultures that we know of today are also going to be significantly affected. If right now with social sites such as Facebook people from all over the world stay connected, how is social interaction in the future going to be? I personally believe that there is going to be a universal culture where we all share something in common and this is going to be possible because of technological advancements. Many of today's typical social issues, such as racism, are going to disappear because they are no longer going to be relevant in our lives. Just like technology converges, society will also go through that same phase.

Thanks to social sites world cultures will peacefully collide. 
With technology, there is so much potential to make every aspect of this world a safer, healthier, and more peaceful place to live in. Technology has no boundaries, it can continue to spread without any problems which is an advantage that nothing else has. In an article titled, "Using Technology to Improve Society," the author, Glenda Cooper, makes a lot of great points about technology helping out the modern world in solving its problems. Cooper says, "Cutting the cost of looking after older people by a fifth. Bringing down violent crime outside pubs and bars by a third. Being able to diagnose diseases at patients' bedsides just by having them breathe into a machine. These are all ways that smart cities in Britain are transforming the lives of ordinary citizens." As it is displayed here, not only one, but many social issues can be resolved with the help of technological devices that are currently helping this world from certain decay. Just like technology can save us from misery, it can also bring destruction as we have seen in the past. Conflicts such as the one that happened in the middle east a couple of months ago because of a video that offended muslims or as we experience today with cyberbullying happening everywhere are flaws that come with media and technology that we need to fix immediately. By doing so, we can contribute to make technology a tool that instead of helping us destroy the planet it can actually provide us with support to make this a better place.

This world is not perfect, all of us human beings make mistakes on a daily basis and it is comprehensible, but with the help of technology we can improve ourselves to overcome those obstacles. We must learn how to use media properly and not cause harm to others because doing so would definitely slow our progress as a society. Even though it might sound impossible, we should try to avoid being fully dependent on technology. In order to have a balanced world, we must still use our brains to solve problems and not let technology do it all for us. We don't want to become dumber, we want to become more intelligent human beings that are capable of doing the impossible which is what the future should be all about.

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  1. This was really well written! Technology is technology. It can't be good or bad. It just depends on the user. I hope our world doesn't come down to a Dystopian one!