Sunday, November 11, 2012

Post #3 Transmedia. We want you! yes you

When I think about Transmedia I can think of nothing or any other industry that practices it more than the motion picture industry. Transmedia is telling the same story through the use of multiple outlets. Film makers use many different marketing strategies to promote their films. Some film makers create viral videos weeks before a film's release and upload them to sites like YouTube with claims that they were submitted by the average Joe who just happened to capture authentic footage of a sea monster. Take the movie Cloverfield for instance.  Creater of the movie J.J Abrams used a Japanese drink named Slush-O which consists of something called Seabeds Nectar which is supposed to be an ingredient found deep at the bottom of the ocean floor.

 The drink is said to make whomever drinks it healthy. It is said that this special ingredient that gives energy to the drinker consists of parasites that dwelt on the ocean floor. J.J Abrams used this idea to create a theory among internet followers of the film. As the company who created the drink Slusho removed all of the parasites from the bottom of the ocean to put in their drinks, an ancient sea monster was left without the food that it craved the most so it came to the surface and this is supposedly the monster from the Cloverfield movie. This and a dedicated website for the film where fans could look at images and piece them together to find clues led to the movie Cloverfield being the biggest January opening of all time in North America even surpassing star wars in sales.

 Films like Spiderman get the gold treatment when it comes to transmedia.  You dont only get to watch the Amazing Spiderman but you get to play the game on Xbox, PS3, PC, and Nintendo 3ds. If playing Spiderman at home is not enough then you could buy the motion picture soundtrack. If you dont listen to jazzy tunes or play games then you can go burger king and play the Amazing Spider man instant win game for a chance to be flown out to the world premiere of the movie and watch it with the actors but first you must enter the code you received with your meal at www.Bk/ (fake site guys) all these marketing strategies designed to get you to go watch their movie.  In terms of business this is a great practice, because if you have a great product you have to market it. Companies have to spend money to make money. Get the information out to the masses by reaching every sub culture. Reach the gamers, reach the audio junkies and reach the hardcore movie goers and you have alot of potential customers who all want to sit down together and watch the  same movie.

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