Thursday, November 29, 2012

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             Convergence is something inevitable. While it can be seen as an art to some, it’s a business. With the advent of new technologies everyday convergence is able to tell its story through many platforms. Henry Jenkins says that an economic backing keeps convergence culture running. He says that “Media industries are embracing convergence for a number of reasons: convergence…exploit the advantages of media conglomerates, because convergence creates multiple ways of selling loyalty…”(254).
Current TV logo

           A major component that inclusive and needed of converge is technology. Current TV is a prime example because it includes mass amateurization, and weblog based technology. Current broadcast segments done by professional and non-professional individuals on stories that they the public wants to hear and see.
Vanguard correspondent Mariana van Zeller at a lettuce farm in California.

           I think people are going to approach this by thinking they can make money and news out of anything. In a sense you can because there will always be a market whether fiscal or intellectual where someone wants in. I think what’s also important is how you do it. A person has to have some grasp on basic technology and know who they want to target.
           As with Current TV viewers and the journalist all work on the same platform. They know what they want to talk about and how they go about it like filming , interviewing, statistics etc. Before nobody really had the means to broadcast what they wanted other to know, but knows the ball is really in the consumers court if the know how to use it to their advantage.
           Unfortunately the future holds many unknowns. What’s been seen before is the level of credibility. Some consumers might use sites like Tumblr or Blogger a certain way that hasn’t been done before. And whether its being used good or bad is up to what the content it. However I feel many people are aware of how to go about getting their information out to the public and which platform to use. It truly starts with school and teaching others about convergence. Even if you’re not into journalism , convergence can be applied to everyday life because we live in an economically ran world.

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