Thursday, November 29, 2012

Post #4-In Progress

The future of convergance is one where you'll see social media taking more of a role in how media will be made and published. The signs are already there. The website Kickstarter is the best example of this. The gist of Kickstarter is that a person posts their idea for a project on the site and asks for the public for donations with the hope of making a pre-determined goal to get their project off the ground. This method is now even closing the gap between the gatekeeper and the audience, essentially making the audience, with their donations, gatekeepers themselves.

I think that the way that the way in which technology is getting more interwoven in the process of storytelling is a plus for the fact that with the advent of smartphones and wireless technology, anyone can now be a storyteller, producer whatever you want to call it. I'm sitting on the train right now on my iPhone trying to finish this post, which wouldn't be possible without people like Steve Jobs who came up with the iPhone.

What I foresee happening with the idea of media convergence. is that the model that Kickstarter started on a grand scale. Gone would be the days where the audience en mass simply taking whatever was made for them and liking. Through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, any member of the public will now have influence of every step of the creative process and beyond as well.

What people have to consider is not only new and better ways to use all of the various media technologies currently in vogue to create and share media but also come up with whole new media technology and outlets. Without the constant cycle of "out with the old and in with the new", for example Facebook leapfrogging MySpace, the message becomes stagnant.

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