Thursday, November 15, 2012

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Multimedia vs. Transmedia?

Multimedia uses more than one medium of expression to communicate. It is omputers presenting graphics, audio, video, text, animation, interactive features and still images in different ways and tying them together by way of advanced technology. The Media and its content are able to utilize a various forms to get there point of view out.  The access through computers or cellular phones integrate these forms of media.

For example: Websites with video, audio and text images are popular in Multimedia. Batman is a great example of how many platforms connect to a specific audience using Multimedia. This story is how a boy grows up to become a man who dedicates his life to fighting crime and chose the guise of a bat to strike fear into the hearts of criminals.  It was a comic book, television show and later made into a feature film.

Transmedia is story telling across multiple platforms where a bigger story is being conveyed from individual parts of a common story.  It conveys stories that engages audiences by taking on forms to new means of presentation and social integration. Transmedia connects diverse storylines across many different outlets and they are distributed through traditional such as television,  and new media like the internet.Henry Jenkins stated in the book, Convergence Culture  says that "ransmedia stories
unfold across  multilple media platforms, with each new text making a distinctive and valuable contribution to the whole"(jenkin 97-98). These narratives come alive with unique ideas that can
 be conveyed through traditional and popular new media today.  Online components target certain new media for social exploration.

For example: The movie "The Help" is great storytelling and engages the audience as they learn about  a period in the U.S. that was pivotol in changing the way we see race, sex and class. Based on a true story of black maids in Mississippi during the 1960's, it depicts social issues and breaks societal rule, putting these women in danger.  Secret writings projects build friendships. This was a book made into a movie with a  message of people helping each other and changing times from traditional points of view and a core story that mirrors the issues of society,

 An activist storyteller for breast cancer is important.  It is extended over different platforms such as; blogs, websites and short films we tell a story.  The control of  media has shifted into the hands of the audience (public).  The audience is important because it helps build the world of awareness and advocacy.
Transmedia encourages us to create and make things, engaging the audience to invest in the well-being of others. It is a movement  of  critical thought  implimenting concepts and practices. Promoting a story for partcipation from the audience. It empowers people to help and allows a like-minded audience to be part of a community,


Jenkins, Henry:Convergence Culture:Where Old and New Media Collide. New York:New York
University Press

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