Thursday, November 29, 2012

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What is the future of convergence you ask?  I can't give an exact answer to that but I do know that convergence will continue to grow.  Technology will continue to progress and companies will find out better ways to reach out to consumers across different markets.  I believe that we'll see flying cars by 2020 and maybe robots in peoples homes. Classroom learning will also be state of the art.  We already see this happening with the inclusion of Smart Boards and projectors in classrooms.

We can approach the future more preparedly.  I say this because based on what we know now about media convergence can be used as an asset.  For example we know that transmedia is more prevalent than multimedia.  Transmedia reaches consumers on different markets.  Multimedia uses the web as the only means to reach out to consumers. 

We should be thinking about new technology methods and platforms that can be used.  We all know that technology gets quickly outdated.  There's always something new.  It appears now that the future of technology specifically gaming is with the progression of tablets.  In an article by Fortune Kevin Chow states video gaming consoles will not disappear after the next generation but after a few years console gaming will turn into tablet gaming. See article from Fortune here .
Of course we can get in the game. All it takes is being proactive.  Be creative, take chances, don't be afraid of failure.  Today Hashem Bajwa really inspired me to start thinking about projects and being open to new ideas in technology.  

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